There’s no wrong way to fuffl.
Do you score more than your friends? Now you can prove it. Kurfuffl is an app that helps you keep score in everyday social competition. Anyone who’s competitive can tap Kurfuffl to throw down, track points and talk smack. Whether settling a longtime dispute or just making a night more interesting, there’s nothing like a good fuffl.

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Because everybody keeps score.
How Kurfuffl Works.
Download the Kurfuffl app for free at the App Store. And then it’s time to fuffl someone up.
fuffl up your friends
Use Kurfuffl to challenge friends on anything that involves keeping score: bags, shots, video games, relationships. With a simple tap Kurfuffl can be your kickoff, your scoreboard, your referee, your place to talk smack. Social competition was never so addictive.
group fuffl
Kurfuffl also lets you get a group in on the action. You can keep track of who’s ahead in life (like who buys the most rounds) and who’s behind (most party fouls). Pick a finish line or just keep it going forever — there’s no wrong way to fuffl.
fuffl yourself
One-man fuffls are great for keeping track of personal performance, from weights and miles to calories and cigarettes. Pull up the app and tap your score anytime you gain ground or set a new best. For the truly competitive.
fuffl in public
Half the fun of smacking down your friends is telling the world about it. When you’re done fuffling them up — or if you have a scoring dispute to run by the general public — you can post your fuffl on Facebook or Twitter.
Well, hello competitor
Hello, competitor. Our name's Kurfuffl. We're a social gaming platform dedicated to bringing people together through competing with their friends. Humans are hard-wired for social competition: from the office to the gym to the bar to the bedroom. Kurfuffl puts that built-in competitive spirit online - letting you talk trash, relive triumphs, and dispute bad calls in the games you care about most.

We are your go-to for digital social competition, making the world a more interesting place one victory at a time. Whether your friends are down the block, in another state, or in outer space (because who doesn't have astronaut friends?), they'll be closer than ever with Kurfuffl. Ready to compete? Good. Someone else just scored.